Re: SEM inquiry

From:Philip Oshel

Any longer reply will require more information about the slides, 
preparation, what prep equipment you have access to, what you're 
after, what can be done to the slides, and so on.
But you have access to lots of SEMs in your area, both commercial and 
university, and personnel to run them and prepare samples.

>To all SEM experts:
>Can you do SEM on a stained slides?
>Nena Dimaano,MT/HT(ASCP)
>Advanced Technology- Preclinical and Biological Affairs
>Stryker Howmedica Osteonics
>300 Commerce Court
>Mahwah, NJ 07430
>tel: 201-831-5338
>fax: 201-831-6224

Philip Oshel
Supervisor, BBPIC microscopy facility
Department of Animal Sciences
University of Wisconsin
1675 Observatory Drive
Madison,  WI  53706 - 1284

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