Re: Protargol S


We make protargol solution fresh each time we use it.WE only make 50cc.

>>>  08/06/02 12:49PM >>>
"" Hi Tom,
>Seeing as you asked about the Protargol S, I have a question for you. We 
>resurrecting the Bodian stain in this lab after too many years to 
mention. Do 
>you make a stock solution of Protargol S in your lab and if so, what do 
>consider to be the shelf life? Thanks in advance, your help is much 
>LuAnn Anderson
>Neuropthology Lab
>University of MN


We make up Protargol S solution immediately before use. It  takes about 20 
minutes or so to dissolve. We just sprinkle it on top of the water and let 
it dissolve on its own. Then we add the copper shot. Its only used  once. 
I have never tried to reuse the solution. I hope this helps. 

Tom Wells, BSc, ART
Supervisor, Immunohistochemistry Laboratory
Lions Gate Hospital
North Vancouver, BC

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