Re: HTML Posting


Dear Case and all the Histonetters:
Email messages to Histonet are supposed to be sent in plain text format
and not as html documents. No only do many people have trouble reading
the message when it is sent in html format (as Case pointed out) but the
server is set up to reject message attachements and often (but not
always) rejects html documents as well.  

Whenever I get a message from a subscriber who is having problems
posting to the list, it is the first thing I check.  So please, everyone
check their email defaults and be sure they are sending email as plain
text.  My plain text option is under "view" in Groupwise, It is in tools
under options  in Microsoft Outlook and may be under preferences in some
other email systems. Thanks
Linda M
Histonet administrator

PS: Histonet is up to 1600 subscrib

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