Re: DAB enhancement


The following was forwarded to me - I'm afraid I can't offer much more help
since I haven't actually used this  -  I have found MSDS's on Brij 35 -
perhaps someone else has more info on Brij - I would appreciate more knowledge
as well -
'Brij' is a detergent that is used as a wetting agent to break the surface
tension. This allows the solutions that follow to spread more uniformly and
you to use leass reagent.  The more important part of the PBS brij before the
DAB is the  pH ing of the solution to 7.6  the optimum pH for the DAB. The DAB
we like to use is a stable DAB from Research Genetics. We have found it to be
superior to other DAB's we have tried. It stains well consistantly, and the
labeling is not lost over time. We have gone back to slides years later and
staining is still very strong. Hope these tibbits of info are useful.

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