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From:"J. A. Kiernan"

So it's methacarn then. I _strongly_advise_ you
to read the paper by Puchtler et al (1970) before
proceeding with any serious job such as research or
clinical diagnosis. If you are using techniques that
weren't in frequent use in 1970 (eg immunohistochemistry
or nucleic acid hybridization), it would be sensible to
do a Web of Science (Science Citation Index) search
for later papers that cite the Puchtler et al (1970) 
publication or contain the word methacarn. 

That could be a day's work, because Holde Puchtler 
was at the peak of her publishing career in 1970 
and is a greatly respected and much cited scientist. 
It would be a library day well spent!

Susan Meloan, a co-author of that 1970 paper and many 
others, was a fairly regular histonetter until a couple 
of years ago. Are you still there listening in, Susan? 

John A. Kiernan
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
The University of Western Ontario
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"Atoska S. Gentry" wrote:
> Thanks!  I need the one for collagen muscle staining.
> At 11:57 AM 8/6/02 -0400, you wrote:
> >"Atoska S. Gentry" wrote:
> > >
> > > Hello, does anyone have a recipe for Carnoy's fixative II?  If so will you
> > > please share it with me?  I have only been able to find Carnoy's fixative.
> >
> >According to JR Baker's "Principles of Biological Microtechnique"
> >(p.141) JB Carnoy introduced 2 fixatives:
> >   (a) In 1886 a 3:1 alcohol-acetic mixture, which is now
> >usually called Clarke's fluid because JL Clarke had already
> >published it in 1851.
> >   (b) In 1887 the 60:30:10 alcohol-chloroform-acetic mixture
> >that is now what's meant by Carnoy's fixative. As the later
> >introduction, this one might be "Carnoy II" but I've not seen
> >that term before now.
> >
> >If you got the term "Carnoy II" from a modern source,
> >it may well mean a more recent modification of the
> >alcohol-chloroform-acetic formula. There are at least two
> >that are quite often used: Methacarn (Puchtler et al 1970)
> >has methyl alcohol instead of ethyl, and is said to be superior
> >for muscle and collagen. The "modified Carnoy" of James &
> >Tas (1984) is 60:30:5 ethanol-chloroform-acetic; the lower
> >concentration of acetic acid gives better preservation
> >of RNA.
> >
> >This doesn't tell you what "Carnoy II" is, but perhaps it
> >will help you choose the best fixative for your purposes!
> >
> >Refs: Methacarn - Puchtler H et 4 al. Histochemie 21:97 (1970).
> >       Modified Carnoy - James J & Tas J Histochemical Protein
> >       Staining Methods. RMS Handbk #4. Oxford:OUP, p.12 (1984).
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