Re: Bouin's in the microwave

From:Jennifer MacDonald

Speaking from experience the formaldehyde fumes are a problem.  I was in a
hurry and heated the Bouins in the microwave and just about keeled over when
I opened the door after heating.  The formaldehyde fumes were overpowering.
I had difficulty breathing and my eyes were burning.

Jennifer MacDonald

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> My concern with Bouin's in the microwave are two-fold.  I think the
buildup of formalin vapors in the microwave is more a safety concern than
the picric acid.  If you do this, make sure your microwave is properly
vented.  The other issue concerns boil
> over.  The stuff just doesn't wash off the inside of the microwave.
Placing the plastic coplin jar in a plastic ziplock bag before microwaving
should address both these concerns. After microwaving, move the jar and bag
to a fume hood for handling.
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