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From:Bill Sinai


Here are a few words from the lady who uses our Benchmark.

We had an error EZPrep error 12-25  EZPrep fails to prime.
It was found the filters were blocked.  The filters were changed twice, when
the EZ Reservoir was emptied - large mats of fungi
were found to be growing in the EZ prep solution in the Reservoir.  Samples
were sent for culture and identification.
1.    A room temperature fungus - Acrimonium grows at temperatures up to 30
degrees C.
2.    Bacterial growth        - Rolstonic picketti
                                        - Burkholdenia cepecic (Pseudomonas)
The problem is caused by the fungi as they are large enough to block the

Resolution of problem:
1.    All filters changed again
2.    0.1 micron capsule filter fitted to our deionised water supply.
3.    Solutions are made daily rather than in bulk.
4.    Machine and reservoirs decontaminated with VIROCLEAN (4.25%
Benzalkonium chloride) a neutral surface disinfectant.
5.    Reservoirs checked every few days - so far problem appears solved.

Bill Sinai
Laboratory Manager
Tissue Pathology
P.O. Box 533
Wentworthville NSW 2145

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Subject: Benchmark Immunostainer

> Hello Histonetters:
> I'm writing to see if anyone has had a problem with the Benchmark
Immunostainer when the EZ Prep fails to prime.  This usually occurs within
the first 45 minutes of a run, no alarm sounds, but the run completely
stops.  I have cleaned the filter nipple, cleaned the EZ prep containers,
gotten a pipette and sucked out the fluid from the lines, cleaned any "fish"
in the lines, and given the unit a good kick in the pants.  Ventana has sent
their repairman to fix this "nonexisting" problem, and he has changed all
the filters, lines, hoses, etc, whatever could be replaced, with no
resolution of the problem.  Any suggestions???  Thank you so ver

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