Re: Bartels, Inc.

From:Susan Bell

I got both of these numbers off of, an invaluable tool 
for looking up phone numbers and addresses.

There's Bartels & Stout, 425-453-1705 (they sell Leica and other 
equipment anyway).  The person I have dealt with at Bartels & Stout 
is Robert Coma.  There is also a listing for just "Bartels Inc" at 
425-392-2992.   I've never dealt with them.   There is also a drug 
store chain in Washington "Bartell's" but I doubt that is what you 
are looking for.

Hope this helps.


At 2:12 PM -0500 8/7/02, Dave Cavanaugh wrote:
>Histonetters-does anyone have the phone # for an immunohistochemical 
>company called Bartels, Inc in
>Issaquah, Washington.  thanks in advance. dc


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