From:"Rodney L. Slyter"

Research suggests that only 50-60% of Reed-Sternberg cells stain with
CD15, The positivity increase with CD30.
I believe there is one antibody clone that says they are getting around
70-75% positivity.     But none the less only 5-6 out of 10  cases will
be positive for CD15 (leu-m1)

"Van Eyck, Deb" wrote:

> Hello everyone----Have a question for you in regards to CD15 - Leu MI
> - my pathologist and I keep talking about this ----most all reed
> sternberg cells should stain with this antibody when they are
> present.  This doesn't seem to be the case in most preps even when my
> fixation and morphology is great.  Does anyone have experience that
> produces this result?  I have great staining in some cells--membrane
> and or great golgi apparatus----but never have all cells staining.
> It would be nice to get them all to light up!If you do please share
> info, products, protocols, times etc.  your wisdom would be greatly
> appreciated.  How about incubation times  - I have found extending
> this does help in some antibodies-not all!  Thanks for the info---I
> will put results on the net.

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