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I agree with Glen Dawson re: drying for two weeks.  It depends on your slide
load - if you only have a few stacks in your office, consider yourself lucky.
You could consider the old method of drying your slides in metal slotted trays
contained within wooden drying boxes - I don't even know if these are
available anymore, but they held about 200 slides if memory serves me.  Years
ago, we temporarily filed slides in slide drawers with spring-type dividers
until they dried sufficiently for permanent filing.  I would not recommend
heat drying - as coverslips tend to crack or slide off - and it ruins your
nice cardboard trays.

Jackie O'Connor
Global Pharmaceutical Research and Development
Abbott Laboratories

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We let our slides dry for 2 weeks...minimum.  Tell your docs that adequate
drying times are more for their benefit than for your own and perhaps that
will get them to back off.  Otherwise, consider loosely organizing the
drying slides so they are easier to find before they are actually filed,
this is what we do.  Bottom line, slides need time to dry...plain and


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My pathologists are complaining about the length of time it takes our slides
to dry before filing.  This creates several stacks of slide folders in my
office until they are filed.   We do not file them until 2-3 weeks after
coverslipping to ensure they do not stick together in the slide file.    We
use a permount type media with our xylene substitute.   The substitute we
use is XS xylene substitute with the permount being, Histo Mount T.    Any
ideas, suggestions???
Please Help!!!!

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