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From:"Morken, Tim"

Acrylic permanent mounting media drys much quicker - can often be filed
after one day. 

Tim Morken

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One place I worked dried the slides off in the oven at about 60C for about
one or two hours prior to filing, this hardened off the resin and we had no
real problems with slides sticking. The only difference between our
situation then and yours is that we were using xylene and a xylene based


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My pathologists are complaining about the length of time it takes our slides
to dry before filing.  This creates several stacks of slide folders in my
office until they are filed.   We do not file them until 2-3 weeks after
coverslipping to ensure they do not stick together in the slide file.    We
use a permount type media with our xylene substitute.   The substitute we
use is XS xylene substitute with the permount being, Histo Mount T.    Any
ideas, suggestions???
Please Help!!!!

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