RE: Making reluctant antibodies work

From:"Turner, Scott"

I forgot to mention that I have tried dilutions of 1ug/mL, 2ug/mL, 5ug/mL,
10ug/mL, 25ug/mL, 50ug/mL and even on a whim tried 100ug/mL and none of them
have worked.  In theory, an antibody and it's antigen should reach
equilibrium after 30min at room temperature, though it might help to try it
at 4 C.  I have tried incubations overnight at 4 C in the past (with
antibodies other than this one) and find that 30min at RT usually yields
better results.

I should also mention that I can't call the supplier, since these are in
house antibodies and unfortunately I usually know more about how they work
in IHC than anyone in that department.

Scott Turner
DNAX Research

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Scott, If you will incubate your antibody overnight at refrigerator temp in
a humidifying chamber you will get optimal labeling if there is to be any
labeling. It should work but I thing that either your dilution is wrong or
the time of incubation. 

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