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Just a  3 quick suggestions for your lab coat - disposable, disposable,
disposable.  I wear a disposable bunny suit when contamination in or out of
the lab is an issue.  We have an air lock to protect our SCID mice  (from us).
Before entering we put on clean designated scrubs, gloves, a disposable tyvek
bunny suit, tape the gloves to the suit, then sleeves, then a second pair of
gloves, hair cover, face mask, and dedicated shoes or shoe covers.  If I were
working in your lab with the prions, I think I'd wear about the same.
Everything is removed (in an air lock) before leaving the barrier area.  Good
luck.  I hope they pay you  lots and lots of money.

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We are doing this here, too.  We're gearing up for CWD this fall and I have
a small room across the hall from my regular lab where all prion work will
be done.  So far, I can't see that we have had any problems.  I put all
paraffin shavings in a biohaz bag, then I put that biohaz bag in another
biohaz bag that has a clean outer to it.  I put 80 g of NaOH in my waterbath
(approx a 2M solution for the amount of water in the bath... 1800 mL) for
about 2-3 hours to inactivate any prions lurking in there.  I wear a special
lab coat for the occassion that stays in that room.  I am concerned about
how this should be laundered, however.  I'm thinking I'll start wearing
scrubs, tyvek sleeves and my own slip on shoes that will stay in that room.

Frankly, I am also interested in how to properly set up and maintain such a
lab as this.  I'm all ears --- er, I mean eyes [for reading your

Connie McManus

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Dear All,
We have been asked to set up a containment level 3 laboratory to handle TSE
material- particularly BSE.
We have been asked to run this facility alongside the routine histology
laboratory in an adjacent room and using the same staff. We were wondering
if there are any other laboratories which employ this dual role. Could you
let us know of any problems that have occurred or may occur.The only other
laboratories we know of are in separate buildings and on special sites

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