RE: Ag retreival vs. Permeabilizing - extra question.

From:Phil Bergin

We use saponin (or triton) to permeabilize cells for intracellular
staining of cytokines in the cell cytoplasm etc.

According to the people who developed our lab protocol it does make a
difference, but the question always asked is why is it necessary? We cut
cryosections at 8 microns - does this 'cut through' cells exposing the
inside of some cells.  If is does then what effect does the saponin

Can anyone explain this to me?



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From: Greg Dobbin [mailto:dobbin@Upei.CA] 
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Subject: Ag retreival vs. Permeabilizing

Hello All,

I found a "Brief Communication" in Vet Pathology (38:116-119; 
2001) that discusses expression of COX-2 in canine renal 
carcinomas. The authors do not mention antigen retreival, rather, 
they speak of permeabilizing the tissues using triton and 
saponin. Is permeabilizing (as described) a form of antigen 
retreival or does it serve another purpose?

Has anyone else heard of this before? Explanation??
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