Pretty paneth cells

Ron Martin asks about paneth cell demonstration.
Paneth cells show up quite well with a decent H & E, but if you want them to really look pretty, I recommend Lendrums Phloxine-Tartrazine method, which was originally designed I think for inclusion bodies.
The technique very briefly is:
1) Stain in Weigerts hematoxylin
2) stain 30 minutes in 0.5% phloxine in 0.5% calcium chloride
3) Rinse in water and place in saturated tartrazine in cellusolve (2-ethoxyethanol). Agitate, and control differentiation microscopically until only paneth cells and other acidophillic substances are bright red.
4)Rinse in 95% alcohol to remove tartrazine
5) Dehydrate, clear & mount.
Results: Inclusion bodies and Paneth cells...bright red
         Cytoplasm & collagen......Yellow

Reference: Lendrum., A.C.. J. Path & Bact.49:590 (1939) and Lendrum., A.C. J. Path. & Bact. 59:399 (1947)

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