From:lena spencer

Hi Everyone:
I would like to respond to those one the histonet who have been discussing
the NSH and the use of the Social Security number for NSH business.
It is not a requirement that the NSH have your SSN.  It is always an option
to give your SSN to anyone.  NSH uses the number only as a cross reference,
when we cannot locate someone.  Many members do not inform the office of a
change in name, address, etc. If the SSN is on file and their number is
included on CEU's, member renewal, etc we can check their number to help
locate the proper individual.  Otherwise it is by name only.  Many of the
sign-in sheets for CEU's are illegible and if the individual has included
their SSN we can identify that individual..
Since we track our members by last name, if you do not feel comfortable
including your SSN, simple disregard.
Thank you,
Lena Spencer
National Society for Histotechnology

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