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From:Melissa Jensen

The certification ..certificate I received for passing my H.T....Didn't have
my SS number on it...Only a number they gave me...I would think if they can
assign a random number to certification,they could issue a random number for
applicants...Just like we do when receive specimens.Everyone has a number
unique to there case..No SS...SS is only used for billing

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From: "Manju Kaushal" 
Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2002 8:49 AM
Subject: Social Security

> Yes it is annoying to put your SSN & yes we can fight it.
> But NSH is not the place to fight an issue of why are we required to
> put SSN in NSH or all those other places.
> Let us fight the battle worth fighting for on the right grounds.
> Let the system of SSN change outside the NSH when it does I am sure it
> will change in NSH too but until than on this platform we should raise
> more scientific & histotechs related issues than SSN.Are we running out
> of those issues?
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