needs your help!

From:Holly Romero is an Internet based market research firm that deals with new products for the histology laboratory.  We are currently recruiting laboratory supervisors and senior technologists to participate in a series of Internet based surveys.  

We need participants that are currently working in a clinical setting and whose laboratory performs 9,000 or more immunos per year.

Over the next 9 months you will be sent a special invitation and password to log on and answer a series of questions.  All participants will receive a gift certificate valued at $20 for each survey they respond to.

A special drawing will be held for those participants who register by August 23. The drawing will be for a $100 contribution to attend the upcoming NSH meeting.

If your laboratory fits these criteria and you are interested, please "Log On" to  Please enter the following information:

Username:  Enter your first name and 5 random numbers
Password:  signmeup

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you acknowledging that you have been registered and have been enrolled.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Holly at

Your help, as always, is greatly apprciated.


Holly Romero
Project Manager
520-531-8370, ext. 3


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