FW: Need help finding portable vacuum dessicator PART 11

From:Bernard Ian R SSgt 59 CRES/MSROP

It does not have to be a dessicator. A vaccum chamber that will hold vaccum
for days with a stopcock that is portable and can go in the fridge as well.

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> From: 	Bernard Ian R SSgt 59 CRES/MSROP  
> Sent:	Sunday, August 11, 2002 6:49 PM
> To:	'histonet@pathology.swmed.edu'
> Subject:	Need help finding portable vacuum dessicator
> I need a purchase source for a good vacuum dessicator that has a control
> stop cock to allow pressure in and shuts it off to maintain pressure.
> This dessicator will then be place in a 4 deg C fridge for a number of
> days.  I hope to maintain the same vacuum pressure all through out while
> in the refrigerator.  Any ideas? (a source will be nice).
> Boring a hole in the fridge to maintain pressure is not an option.  I will
> be using a plastic/monomer organic solvent(Methyl Methacrylate) in the
> dessicator.  It needs to be under vacuum pressure.
> Than

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