Epidermal growth factor receptor

From:Alex Knisely

Dear all 

This message comprises two queries.

Background:  Anne Rayner (in copy; having some difficulty in posting to
Histonet and hence asking me to post for her), our MLSOIII, has not been
able to make immunostaining for epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR;
DAKO mouse-anti-human monoclonal H11, catalogue M3563) work in our
laboratory.  Tips from DAKO personnel have not been particularly useful.

First query:  Have other Histonetters had this problem, and solved it?
Please be in touch via 


with your solutions.

Second query:  Is anyone in southeast England who currently is working
successfully with this antibody willing to open her or his laboratory to
Anne for a day or half-day of on-site observation and hands-on "This is how
we do it here" expertise transmission?  If your facility is at the seaside,
Anne adds, so much the better.

Again, responses directly to Anne.

Best thanks in advance

Alex K

Alex Knisely, MD
Consultant Histopathologist

Institute of Liver Studies
King's College Hospital
Denmark Hill
London  SE5 9RS  UK

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