Books for immunostaining and fluorescence microscopy/GFP

From:Gayle Callis

Two books now residing in my lab which are excellent, easy to read, and
educational/helpful - at all levels of histo expertise. 

1.	Fluorescence Microscopy B. Herman Second Editon, ISBN# 0-387-91551-6,
	For those having trouble with GFP, the section on this is superb - other
information on fluorescence 	microscopy was a plus, quenching, and other
terms were discussed.

2.	Introduction of Immunocytochemistry, M. Polak and S van Noorden, ISBN
0-387-91513-3, second edition,     	$34.95.  Excellent book with easy to
understand explanations for teaching/understanding 	immunostaining
technics.  An oldy, but goody publication, 1997 - solid basics for
immunostaining 	never 	change, and well worth the investment.  Methods were

Both are available from, and will not break the bank. 

Have a nice weekend

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