From:"Van Eyck, Deb"

Hello everyone----Have a question for you in regards to CD15 - Leu MI  - my
pathologist and I keep talking about this ----most all reed sternberg cells
should stain with this antibody when they are present.  This doesn't seem to
be the case in most preps even when my fixation and morphology is great.
Does anyone have experience that produces this result?  I have great
staining in some cells--membrane and or great golgi apparatus----but never
have all cells staining.   It would be nice to get them all to light up!If
you do please share info, products, protocols, times etc.  your wisdom would
be greatly appreciated.  How about incubation times  - I have found
extending this does help in some antibodies-not all!  Thanks for the
info---I will put results on the net.

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