Automated tissue processing + propylene oxide

From:Jamie Chapman


Our lab is just about to get an EMS LYNX Automated Tissue Processor for 
processing tissues for routine transmission electron microscopy. One of 
the problems that our lab encountered with an older (and really quite 
massive automated machine - a Sakura - about the size of a Volkswagen) 
machine was that by the time the samples got to the propylene oxide 
intermediary step, the propylene oxide had evaporated.

We are using Procure 812 as our resin. Does anyone know if the new 
machine has overcome this problem? If not, is it possible to use another 
processing protocol with Procure 812 that doesn't involve the propylene 
oxide step?

 Hope you can help.


 Mr Jamie Chapman BSc(Hons)
 Senior Technical Officer, Electron Microscopy
 Department of Anatomical Pathology
 Royal Hobart Hospital
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