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In defense of the HT elgible technician with trichrome staining problems,
the textbook Theory and Practice of Histotechnology by Sheehan and Hrapchak
has an excellent discussion on trichrome procedures, and there are
variations of the Massons trichrome (you did say which one you were
using??) found in other textbooks - Theory and Practice of Histological
Techniques by Gamble and Bancroft, 5th edition has one of the methods. 
Horobin and Bancroft also wrote a book called Troubleshooting Hitology
Stains, with one whole section/chapter devoted to Massons trichrome. 

Hopefully this person will have access to some of this reading material to
sleuth out the theory of what is happening. 

Good luck on the practical and written exam.

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>I don't mean to sound cold here but isn't figuring out how to fine tune a
>special stain part of the reason the applicant is being tested for the
>registry?  If they have trouble doing a simple trichrome maybe they should
>postpone HT certification.
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>Subject: Trichome Stain for registery
>We have someone taking the registry and they are having trouble
>getting it the way it should be.  It seems it is really staining
>a dark blue.  Any suggestions?  He is trying different times, but
>it is still not doing what it should.  Any help would be most
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