large folded section salvage

From:Gayle Callis

This used to happen to extremely large bone sections containing cartilage.
Cause was section refusal to stick to slide (paraffin sections), and a
stronger section adhesive was used. Chrome Gelatin subbed slides were used,
and a larger or 275 bloom gelatin was used in subbing solution.  I was
careful not to overdry the section before staining, but yours frozens and
handling is different.  However, salvage can be at other end of protocol,
see next comments.  

Gentle rinsing was a must, hardly any water flow at all, minimal agitation
in any solution.

To salvage, the section was picked up so cartilage flowed back onto slide
surface OR a wide, soft camels hair brush was used to gently tease section
into place as it was coming out of water.  You must do this before
alcohols, eosin, dehydration.   I would air dry the section before going
into any alcohol steps. Blow on it -  believe me it worked, plus saved a
lot of grief on a section obtained with blood, sweat and tears.    You
cannot tease a section out of alcohol or clearants, once water is removed,
section turns into a stiff autumn leaf like creature, and will not bend. 

Good luck


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