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From:Wayne D H

My condolences!
I don't know who the agency is that does your lab accreditations, but I would contact them and ask them what they think of a 192 sq. ft. lab. And find out what, if any, improvements to ventilation will be made to this area before you make the call.
Our hospital failed accrediation a couple of years ago.
I  was in a 180 sq ft room with all the equipment, minus the computer for which there simple wasn't room, and the wax oven and block storage racks which were next door in washup. Also the room had poor ventilation, it was the lab store room in its previous life.
I'm currently in a 625 sq ft area; a main work area with a seperate room across the end for a grossing fume hood, processor fume hood, wax oven and specimen storage. All with really great ventilation- no more xylene fumes!

Wayne Hohn
Kootenay Lake Regional Hosp
Nelson, B.C.

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