histotech/emtech/everything tech

From:"L. Muffley"

hey dont feel for me John-
I have the best of all worlds.
I get to do some electron microscopy on occasion, some histology,
immunofluor, image analysis, scientific illustration, i have it all.
Just wondering if a histosurvey would pick me up as one of the 'numbers'.

				Lara Muffley
                                Dermatology Dept
                                University of Washington
                                Seattle, WA

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001 JHoffpa464@aol.com wrote:

> Lara,
> I am an electron microscopy tech, I would quite before I would let them shift
> my duties to that of a histotech. I have far to many years experience. I can
> do all phases of microscopy, but draw the line ant being placed at a mere
> histo tech position. i feel for you.
> john

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