cleaning metal molds in processors

From:Susan Owens


We have cleaned the baskets and lids in the purge/cleaning cycle, adding the
metal molds once,twice three times a week for YEARS, with no problems, nor
should there be,  just makes for good clean molds.Do STACK them in the
baskets for good drainage....One does have to remember to change the
cleaning xylene and alcohol more often....It's better to over do the
changing of the cleaning solutions then have clogged lines.

Susan Owens,HT


Date: 17 Aug 2001 17:54:16 -0500
Subject: cleaning metal molds in your tissue processor

Fellow histonetters,

I was wondering how many of you put your molds in your tissue processor
running the clean cycle.  Several places that I have worked have routinely
done this, while other places swear that is not a good practice causing
problems with the processor.  What are your opinions?

Jerry Duncan HT(ASCP)

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