bone processing

From:"Marshall, Sharon,"

Hi  Gayle,
Thanks for the reply.  I have been quite busy so I have not had a 
chance to be in touch.  The pieces of bone I am working with are 
about 1cm across and 5mm thick.  The bone is attached to a 
tendon which is also difficult to section.  I have decided to process 
the samples overnight using my usual 24hr cycle for soft tissues.
I will just extend the paraffin infiltration which is at 56-58C.
What is clearite 3 and propar? I have never used these.
I would like to know what your favourite haematoxylin is for 
staining bone.     Also, do you have any tips for working with very 
tough tendon .  What adhesive do you use on your slides?  I use Aptes 
but I am not sure if there is a better one for bone.  I still have 
slight lifting.   Gosh, sorry about all the questions.   I love and 
hate working with bone samples.  I have had fairly good slides  but 
they are not as perfect as I would like them to be and would 
therefore appreciate some expert advice.
Sharon Marshall

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