Tech giving a shitake (was: Hospital v. Corporation)

From:"Morken, Tim"

I think most histotechs care a LOT about patient care. I haven't worked in a
lab yet in which techs were not willing to go out of their way to make sure
things were taken care of so a given patient got good service. The problem
is, the lab and especially the hospital, administration hardly knows
Histology exists. We get the dregs of the budget leftovers (I worked in one
lab for 11 years in which our histo lab did not get a single piece of new
equipment, despite pleadings from us to replace worn out things!), we get
very little, if any, recognition for a lot of hard work. When people are
doing the work that should be done by twice as many staff it is pretty easy
to see why people will go for the money rather than stay with lower pay.
They are happier to be dedicated somewhere else and be rewarded a bit more
for that dedication.

Tim Morken

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From: Jonathan R. Oppenheimer
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Subject: Hospital v. Corporation

Does anybody give a shitake about PATIENT CARE?
Or is all about "what this job can give to ME"?

Jonathan R. Oppenheimer, MD
Chief Pathologist and sometime window washer,
OUR Lab, Nashville, TN

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