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From:Aidan Schurr

A suggestion for all those having problems with these pens...

I have switched to using an Architectural-type draughting pen for all my writing on slides.  I have a Staedtler Marsmatic 707 (ISO M035).  This is a refillable (as opposed to cartridge) pen with a tungsten carbide tip.  The ink I use is Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star waterproof india ink (made in Florida I believe).  I never have problems with the ink coming off or the pen drying up, and it starts first time, every time (unlike my motorbike!).  The tungsten carbide tip is guaranteed for life not to wear out (even on rough surfaces such as slide frosting).  The pen cost about $30 NZ initially (that's about $13 US) and the ink is about half that for 1 fluid ounce - I'm still on my original bottle after more than a year.  I don't know how it goes on the superfrosts, but I can't see any reason for it to come off.

Definitely worth a look if you are sick of your pens drying up!  (I still use a Securline for my cassettes - the smoother surface is much easier on the tips, and they seem to last well.)

Aidan (downunder)


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