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From:"John C. Dennis"


What fixative did you (or the rat killer) use?  How large were the tissue
hunks that
went into the fixative?  Were these rat hearts perfused?  Or were they
dissected out whole and plunked into a jar of fixative?

The holes sound like freeze artifacts.  Were the hearts frozen before you
got them?  Find out what the history of the tissue is then let us know.

John Carroll Dennis
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
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On Tue, 26 Jan 1904, April E. Monchik wrote:

> I am a technician in a research institution core facility.  My
> question pertains to paraffin sectioning.
> When I cut rat heart tissue it looks like the paraffin has not
> infiltrated.  There are many holes in the tissue.  This happens even
> when I use a knew knife.
>    I use a Tissue Tek to embed the tissues.  The tissue go into the
> alcohol for several changes of thirty minutes each.  The histoclear
> steps are thirty minutes each too.  The paraffin changes are 30 mins,
> 1 hour, and 30 mins.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for embedding rat heart  and spleen
> tissue?  I'm interested in a protocol that really allows for
> infiltration into the tissues.   Thanks for your help

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