Re: primate endothelial marker in mouse

From:Abizar Lakdawalla

in situ hybridization with Alu probe is also a good option. Alu is primate
specific and stains only the nuclei, good for doublestaining with cytoplasmic

"Sebree Linda A." wrote:

> Hi 'netters,
> Our director is conducting some research where non-human primate endothelial
> cells will be grafted into (onto?) mice.  He needs an antibody that will
> detect those endothelial cells without reacting with the mouse cells.  So
> what we're looking for is an endothelial marker, i.e. VWF or CD31, that will
> react in non-human primates (I think he said rhesus monkeys) but will not
> react with the mouse cells.  Maybe something like rat anti-human CD31; just
> wanted to know if something like that exists and can be used in FFPE
> tissues.
> Thanks for your help,
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