Re: hospital vs corporation which would you choose?

From:Amy Porter

Angie - i say go for it as well.  Ten years ago i
switched from service to academia, and i don't know if
i could go back unless i absolutely had to. It will be
a very big and strange adjustment to you, especially
regarding the pace in which things are done. I think
you would enjoy it if you are looking to destress your
life.  Good Luck with your decision.
--- wrote:
> Histonetters,  I have been offered a great job with
> a corporation within the 
> confines of the Cincinnati College of Medicine.
> Right now I am the lead tech 
> of 10 histotechs in 2 area hospitals. The work is
> exciting but extemely 
> stressful and I am supervised by a cytotech that
> really has a hard time 
> comprehending exactly what our job is all about. The
> job at the med center is 
> under the direction of a patholgist with histo
> experience and who is willing 
> to do just about anything for his histotechs and
> their families. I have 
> always wanted to do hospital work and I am a little
> afraid of the business 
> corporation side of histology. What are some of your
> opinions on this?  
> Thanks ahead for your input
>            Angie 
> Schmidt---Tri-Health 
> Cincinnati

Amy S.Porter, HT(ASCP)
Michigan State University
College of Human Medicine

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