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Very clever,  Marsha!  I found myself chuckling over a couple of these.  But
all in all, don't you think that the Histotech shortage and ensuing crisis
that is continuing to develop MIGHT just have an impact on the nay-sayers
you mention?  I will quote a favorite passage of mine:

        "The awareness that all is well recognizes that what APPEARS to be a
problem is the awakening of new perspectives."

Sarah A. Jones, HTL(ASCP)

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> Fulvio, you will probably want to hit your delete key on this one.
> OK I agree enough about the pay of histotechs or (underpayment). To put
> some finality to this, I have come up with a "Top 10 Reasons for not
> becoming a Histotech . These are compiled from reponses I received from
> histotechs on the histonet.
> 10.We do not band together and demand the respect like the nurses,
> cytotechs and Med. Techs do.
> 9. The 2 year ojt route/ HS diploma minimium will no longer be available
> after 2005.
> 8.The education requirement that will take effect in 2005 is just like 4
> SCH's shy of an AS (WHY?).
> 7.No matter what kind of education or no matter how good of a tech you
> are, you will never be compensated appropriately.
> 6. Very few people in this world that has had any contact with the
> medical world even know that we exist, much less know what we do.
> 5. Apparently Monkeys can be trained to be histotechs as told by
> someone's professor. (I think he watched Planet of the Apes way too much
> and took it seriously.)
> 4. HS grads can become histotechs with relative ease (so why the
> education requirement?).
> 3. Kitchen help in the hospital can be trained in only one day to cut and
> stain H&E slides.
> 2. There is a shortage of histotechs and with no incentives being
> offered, that means those that remain will be worked to death before help
> arrives.
> and are you all ready  for this. Drum Roll Please! The No. 1 reason for
> not letting your children grow up to be Histotechs.
> 1. We are going to be replaced by monkeys by the year 2005.
> I am not sure how they are at taking the HT exam that has been reported
> to be extremely hard , nor am I sure how they do in college, but I am
> sure if Monkeys can be trained to operate a microtome, cut and stain
> H&E's as well as special stains, IHC and ISH. I am sure that the HT exam
> and the  required 60 sch will be no problem for them.
> Good morning, good afternoon, and in case I don't see ya, good night.
> Marsha Price
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