Re: fume hoods

Hi Trisha;

The types of fume hoods you need depend of course on what you will be doing
on/under them. We manufacture a portable, downdraft Fume Extractor. It
requires no outside ductwork, and several units can be lined up next to each
other to increase your workspace. It's great for grossing, coverslipping,
plastic embedding, etc. Work is done on the workstation plate. Fumes are
pulled down and away from the operator through a specially treated carbon
filter system. Clean air exits on top. The units take carbon pillows, so
changing the filter media is a fast, no mess operation.

You can find a picture and some info on our website in the "Tissue
Preparatory & Ancillaries"
section at , or please
give us a call if you'd like more information.

Good luck and best regards,

Elfi Hacker
HACKER Instruments & Industries Inc
17 Sherwood Lane
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Tel: 1-800-4-HACKER or (973) 226-8450
Fax: (973) 808-8281

Putting a new lab together.  Could you advise on hoods and hood features I
should look at?  Never had the thrill of starting from square one before.
Vendors welcome.

Thanks for your time,


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