Re: fume hoods

From:Philip Oshel

Before you do much else, check with your health & safety people to 
see what their requirements are (and state and federal). Have a list 
of the chemicals and amounts handy. This may determine what kind of 
hood with what features you get more than anything else.
The only other thing I'd say is: what will you be doing in the hood? 
If it involves procedures such as perfusions, dissections, etc., 
where you will be sitting at the hood, make sure there is open space 
beneath it for your knees. Most people automatically make the space 
under fume hoods  a storage cabinet. This is ergonomic hell for 
anymore who has to spend time sitting, working in the hood.


>Putting a new lab together.  Could you advise on hoods and hood features I
>should look at?  Never had the thrill of starting from square one before.
>Vendors welcome.
>Thanks for your time,

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