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G'day Ernestine - a few days ago you said:

One of mine Attending Pathologist want to know about a stain known as Handel.
Any knowledge of this would be helpful.

This reminds me of another 'mystery to me' method I found a reference to -
the Hande stain. It turned out this is really just "H and E" staining - nice
eh? So could your puzzle be a varient on this? Once these things get into the
literature - and Hande is there - we're saddled with them forever!

If you like accounts of puzzles and problems resulting from our field's
relaxed attitude to naming of dyes, I recommend (!!!) a wee paper of mine
just come out in the Biological Stain Commission journal 'Biotechnic and
, as follows:

The misnaming of dyes and fluorescent probes - a survery of practical
problems arising from errors and ambiguities in nomenclature seen in current
documents and some remedial proposals.
Horobin RW. 2001. Biotechnic & Histochemistry. 76: 207-213

And may I ask a favour - those of you who do have a look at this paper, I
would appreciate feedback on the suggested 'Remedial proposals' - ie what we
can do about these confusions.

Bye now - Richard Horobin

Institute of Biomedical & Life Sciences, University of Glasgow
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"What should we expect? Everything."

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