Re: Sequential HRP labeling

From:Tim Plummer


If this helps here is a reference where I employed a
sequential staining protocol due to the need to use
the same section for two stains, the latter being
retrospective of a larger study. Both monoclonal mouse
IgG antibodies were stained sequentially using the
same  section after by stripping off the first HRP/AEC
reaction.  Just think of the tissue as a fragile

Surgery 1995; 118: 957-66

Tim Plummer
--- "John C. Dennis" 
> Dear Folks
> Some months ago, someone mentioned something about
> stripping the first
> Ab-ABC reagent set from tissues to enable a second
> HRP-driven labeling.
> I didn't pay attention the first time.  Mia culpa
> mia culpa!
> How does one accomplish the task?  I'd buy the
> secret reagent from DAKO
> but they want me to buy a kit--that I don't
> need--just to get it.  I'm
> depending
> on the kindness of you strangers out there.
> Thanks.
> John Carroll Dennis
> Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
> 109 Greene Hall
> Auburn University, AL  36849

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