Re: Securline Superfrost Pens.

From:Connie McManus

At 05:57 PM 8/22/01 -0700, Connie Grubaugh wrote:
>Just to let everyone know that the superfrost pens lot number that ends
>with 661 are bad.  The ink comes off in the xylene.  Happened to our Lab
>and the Hospital across the street.  
>No we did not use Sharpie pens by mistake.

Thanks for the warning.  My markers are really good, however, if I make a
mistake, the writing  stays on very nicely and the current lot I'm using
won't come off even in ethylene glycolmono ethyl ether ... This was the
only substance I found that would remove the writing and it came in handy
if I goofed up my labels.  Now I have to throw the whole slide away.  There
seems to be a lot of variability in the ink with these.  Some lots the ink
comes off, others are just fine.  weird.

Connie M.

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