From:Marsha R Price

Excellent point. If they are doing awy with the ojt training completely,
where exactly are these new college educated histotechs going to receive
their training? They do not actually think that they are going to come
right out of college and know how to perform histotech duties, do they?
How absurd. I think we might need to take another look at this and have
the education requirements in addition to the two year ojt.

Just my opinion though, and you all know the saying, "you can take that
and 50 cents and buy yourself a coke."

Marsha Price

On Fri, 31 Aug 2001 09:47:51 -0500 "Mohammed, Sayeed"
> If I remember it correctly, Ascp BOR has announced that year 2005 is 
> the
> last for OJT for histo techs. And why would any body wants to 
> perform the
> same duties as a histotech and make less money just becuase they are 
> not
> certified.
> M. Sayeed
> ChiefTechnician
> Dept. of  Spore Pathology
> Baylor college of Medicine
> Houston TX. 77030

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