Re: Museum of Histotechnology?

From:Rose Richardson

Don't feel bad, we have about six of the old 1940 vintage black AO
microtomes( boat anchors) that were in use as late as 1986.  I know, I was
using it.

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> A museum of histoltechnology is a great idea.  we have in our store room
> ancient (i.e.  1940's vintage) sledge microtome and a regular microtome,
> the knives that go with it, the sharpeners, etc. and other very old
> equipment. why we have moved these ancient things from the old building
> into this one I don't know... I wasnt' working here at the time *g*  Our
> cryostats are also pretty vintaged out equipment... probably early '70s
> Photos might be kind of fun, I can't donate anything (University
>  Also, in my possession at home, I have an AO light microscope (monocular)
> that I suspect is a late 40's, to 50's vintage.
> EEEEEK! this is getting scarie!  it was in the early 70's that I was
> trained and got my ASCP registry!!!
> just a thought.
> connie mcmanus
> At 02:02 PM 8/20/01 -0400, wrote:
> >Is there such a thing as a museum of Histotechnology somewhere in the
> World or here in the States? The basic technique of sectioning and
> has not changed much, but equipment and methods have. It would be nice to
> know some of these old pieces of equipment and other items related to
> histotechnology were being saved for posterity. Items that come to mind
> Histokinette tissue processors, Freezing microtomes with carbon dioxide
> cylinders, and the early immunohistochemistry kits from Dako and Immulok
> that came out in the early 70's.
> >I know the AFIP museum has some items but I don't know of any where else.
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