Re: Lab space logistics, a brain teaser

From:Philip Oshel


We have a bit bigger room, less equipment and *just* barely enough 
space for one person to work on one piece of equipment at a time. 
Seems to me your choices are:
1) Explain politely why this isn't enough room. This involves a 
square-ruled sheet of paper, each square = say 0.25 ft (or whatever), 
and pieces of paper cut in the shapes of the equipment, etc., to 
scale. Demonstrate the impossibility of it all fitting.
2) When They Don't Listen, go on vacation and let them fill the room 
and discover that you were right. Then enjoy the break while they get 
you a new room and reshuffle the equipment. Or retire.

Good luck.


>>>>  Gayle Callis  08/16/01 07:08PM >>>
>I am very interested in the size of your histology laboratories.  I have
>been given a lab space that measures 12 ft 11 inches by 16 ft long.
>Somewhat analogous to a broom closet with the following things going into
>the space
>a 6 ft chemical fume hood
>VIP processor
>2 cryostats
>embedding center
>small freezer, floor model
>computer/tower, printer
>2 microscopes one with photomic exposure setup
>Faxitron (maybe)
>filing cabinet
>pH meter, balance, mag stirrer
>hopefully an island to actually work, special and immunostaining
>and Me!  I am going on a diet to take up less space, a mere shadow of myself!
>I also have a JB-4 microtome, knife breaker, Shandon knife sharpener, not
>to mention other equipment.
>Not sure whether to weep or retire
>Gayle Callis
>Histopathology Supervisor
>Veterinary Molecular Biology
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