Re: LM of resin sections

From:Teresa Flores

Tina,our em lab has routinelly coversliped spurr epoxy sections with same
surr used to prepare epoxy blocks. 24x40 (one well slides) or 24x50 (serial
sections). After staining, place slides in a 70oc oven to evaporate the
leftover water used to rinse. Do not place stained slides on hotplate. Use
leftover spurr either hard or firm to coverslip sections after theya re
dried. . Place coversliped epoxy stained sections in a 40oC oven sothat the
coverslip will adhere to the slide. This will take approx a week, then file
as usual. Please do not forget if you are inspected by CAP a thick/thin
section is required to be saved on each case. Teresa
>Hi, All-
>It sure was nice to see so many of you at M&M 2001 in Long Beach last
>I generally only look at 0.5 to 2.0 micrometer epoxy or acrylic sections
>in the light microscope to see where in the block I am before taking
>ultrathin sections for TEM. I stain the thick sections with toluidine
>blue, glance at them and then throw them away. However, now I want to keep
>some of them and get good photomicrographs as well. In the past when I
>coverslipped them and took (35 mm film) pictures, they looked pretty
>bad. I've heard of various fixes, such as using thicker coverslips.
>Now I'd like to hear from someone doing this routinely, with good
>results (if possible!). What kind of mounting media? What kind of
>coverslips? Why? What goes on with the light as it passes through the
>What kind of optics? Phase? Hoffman? DIC? Plain vanilla BF?
>Any clues will be appreciated!
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