Re: IHC humidity chamber sources wanted

From:Jill Songer

We bought a plexiglass humidity from Shandon many moons ago. If you their 
catalog, it is on page 76. Their number is 800-245-6212

At 07:18 AM 8/23/2001 -0700, Carla M Aiwohi wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Could anyone suggest  vendor(s) who sell humidity chambers? I am looking
>for one made of plexiglass (or similar material)  with a staining rack that
>can be used for manual IHC.   Our humid chambers (Tupperware containers)
>work fine, but I'd like to try something different.
>Thanks for your help.
>Carla Aiwohi
>Western Fisheries Research Center
>Seattle, WA 98115
>ph: 206 526-6282 ext.242
>fax: 206 526-6654

Jill Songer HT (ASCP)
Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology
Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
Virginia Tech

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