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This in response to Dr. Oppenheimer's commentary (see at bottom):

Of course I realize I can only truly speak for myself.  But I think that the
larger part of the Histotechnicians and Histotechnologists most definitely
DO care about the patient....
and clearly, a great deal more than we do our own comfort.  That is
something that, even if on this list only and amongst our peers, I believe
is understood.  It's just that this is the primary forum we have for this
sort of discussion.  Sorry that this offends you.  There have been so many
changes over the past few years that would discourage people from even
entering this profession (or any other medical profession for that matter),
much less STAYING in it.  It is no different than for Medical Doctors.
Witness a show on TV just this week about the waiting list for mammograms
being so long and medical care compromised because of a lack of
Radiologists, and very few entering the profession.  You will find your
givers and your takers anywhere, even in your field.  If we didn't care
about the patient's care as our first and foremost goal, most would get out
of the profession.  Trust me.  If I didn't care about the patient's care the
MOST, I would have been long gone, and I would never have gotten up in the
middle of the night, as I did many times, to go do a Stat Pneumocystis
stain, and never have stayed to perform Stat Leukemia stains on Christmas
Eve.  'Nuff said.

Sarah A. Jones, HTL(ASCP)

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> Does anybody give a shitake about PATIENT CARE?
> Or is all about "what this job can give to ME"?
> Jonathan R. Oppenheimer, MD
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