Re: Histotech vs. EM Tech

From:"Awbrey, Donald"

Hey John,

Don't feel for me either.  I am a histotech first.  I learned to perform DNA
ploidy image analysis as well as Electron Microscopy.  As you can imagine,
my day of work is hectic.  I enjoy what I do in IA and EM.  During my normal
duties as a IA/EM tech I sometimes help out in the histology lab in times of
need.  It is nice to be needed and to be dependable.  I don't look down on
histology.  It is a ever dynamic and changing career field.  I will always
refer prospective employees to a histology career.

In this world that we live in I have learned one phrase of wisdom and that
is:  "Always remember were you came from".

Donald G. Awbrey, HT(ASCP) QIHC
Image Analysis / Electron Microscopy

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