Re: Histotechs of the world


At the U of Colorado I was a Professional Research Assistant (PRA), we do
have HT in our state system but they are considered classified staff and
much less room for advancement.

Cheryl Crowder wrote:

> It's an interesting subject - how many histotechs in the world.  I think
> one would never find the answer.  I am a histotech - for over 30 years.
> When I came to Louisiana, I was hired through State Civil Service as a
> Laboratory Technician.  They had no title in the civil service for
> histologist.  There were cytotologist, but not histologist.  I am no
> longer with civil service, but as a University employee I am an
> Associate, as are the techs in the lab.  Nowhere would our positions be
> listed as histotechs, so we would no be counted.  I believe this is the
> situation in many institutions.  So, from somewhere in the
> unknown.....Cheryl
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