Re: Histo Trivia Question!!!!!

From:Bill Sinai


Many more than we could imagine.
I suspect for every one that is know there may be at least three hidden in
the workforce.
In Australia like everywhere else we have a shortage.  However, I think
there are many in areas other than the medical, veterinary and research
fields we never seem to come in contact with.  I for one would be glad to
hear from anyone on Histonet, in Australia, who does not work in these areas
but still performs similar tasks.

Bill Sinai
Histotechnology Group of NSW
P.O. Box 856
Rockdale NSW 2216
Subject: Histo Trivia Question!!!!!

> Does anyone know how many histotechs there are on Earth?  Not US certifed
> ASCP techs only since we all agree certification only does not make one a
> hiustotech, but a rough estimate on how many there are out there?  I
> I cannot give a decent guestimate even in my own area of the country near
> Washington D.C. because inevitably I will hear of yet another group of
> histotechs out there doing some great work and I never knew they were
> there.  I hear of all these layoffs with high tech companies, and it seems
> histology always weathers economic downturns.  You never see headlines of
> "Mass Histotech layoffs" on CNN.   Anyway, I am asked by non histo types
> how many of us hito types there are out there and I think I would rather
> figure out the DAKP arkulator before torturing myslef with that kind of
> math.

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