Re: Future Histotechs pay

From:Carrie Kyle

i never said nor implied any such thing.....
i simply wish to reinforce that education isn't everything.  we desparately need both requirements.  do you seriously think that just because someone has an AS degree they could be a competent histotech?  now who needs to get a reality check.....
and not only do i think we must retain the registry exam reguardless of your educational experience.....i'll take it one step further......i think we should have to periodically retest to maintain active licensure!

>>>  08/27/01 11:49AM >>>
Do you in all honesty think that only the top half of the histotech pass the 
registry? I think we need reality check.  how many pass it on the first try? 
2nd? And so on. There is no real way to know this. 
What Marsha is suggesting is the only real way of guarantying that the techs 
are all trained consistently 

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